Thermal Remediation Services Europe to Provide In Situ Thermal Remediation Worldwide

15 maart 2017

The Netherlands — TRS, Group, Inc. is proud to announce the formation of Thermal Remediation Services Europe B.V. dba TRS Europe, which provides in situ thermal remediation services. Formerly known as HMVTRS, the new rebrand and registration is a continuation of a joint venture that now provides a framework for more flexibility, global expansion, and additional services.

TRS Europe's Co-Managing Directors, Marco van den Brand of The Netherlands and Timothy Warner of the U.S., released the following joint statement:

"Based on the success of our existing partnership, we have established a more permanent, growth-oriented entity. TRS Europe is currently forming strategic expansion plans to provide our unique, patented process of Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) thermal remediation throughout Europe and worldwide. The TRS Europe advantage is the safety, speed, and certainty with which we remediate and monetize dormant land and assets."

TRS Europe recently completed a successful ERH project in Belgium, with another installation currently underway at a site in France. An additional project is under contract and scheduled for remediation in 2017.

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