The HMVT Test Lab

Water treatment, air treatment, in-situ soil remediation design,… often the same questions arise: will all the systems all perform as intended? What are the real costs, are the required results met, how much waste (for example sludge) is produced and of course: are there still further optimizations possible?

The answers to all these questions will naturally present themselves during the implementation of the project. But by then a lot of money and time has been spent. Consequently, any changes to the project will be very expensive. So, likely that before the start of the project you want as much certainty as possible that the envisioned solutions do work.

To bridge the gap between data-ideas and the implementation of a project, HMVT provides a Test Lab. In this Test Lab, we can conduct a multitude of tests that significantly increase the certainty for a successful implementation of a technology you consider for a project.

The Test Lab

Our Test Lab is located in our office in Ede (The Netherlands) right next to our technical workshop. This means that we have everything at hand (pumps, filters, measuring equipment, etc.) to organize the test or make quick adjustments when needed. All this makes the Test Lab flexible, allows for adjustments to be made in the test setup or expand the measuring set up. In this manner, an optimization of a proposed technology can also be tested immediately.

Which tests can we conduct in the HMVT Test Lab? A lot, to name but a few:

  • In-situ Soil Remediation. Various feasibility tests for a range of technologies
  • Natural Oxidant demand for In-situ Chemical Oxidation
  • In-situ Soil Remediation. Biodegradation tests for soil and groundwater
  • Water treatment. Testing of various technologies
  • Water treatment. Precipitation testing for heavy metals treatment
  • Water treatment. Coagulation and flocculation tests
  • Determining the buffer capacity of water, soil or any other material
  • Air and water treatment. Adsorption tests with, for example, activated carbon or zeolites
  • Air treatment. Simultaneous testing of various technologies (supported by our in house FID measuring equipment)

In close consultation with you, the specific parameters to be tested are determined. For the Test Lab we have a large number of measuring instruments that can be included in a test setup. These include a wide range of water measurements (O2, Redox, Conductivity, pH, flowrate, etc.) and air measurements. For air tests for instance, we can apply our specialized FID measuring equipment.

The advantages of using the Test Lab

Using the Test Lab has many advantages for you:

  • You can test new type of treatment technique at a limited costs
  • The simultaneous testing of different technologies allows you to make better design choices
  • Gain better insight into costs, energy consumption, waste streams, treatment efficiency, chemical- and carbon consumption before you start the full scale implementation of a project
  • Any problems in the technology and the processes are identified in advance. So, problem solving can be immediately conducted and incorporated into the design for a full-scale solution
  • You get well in advance a good insight into the return and costs of a technology. It goes without saying that this is a major advantages when applying for permits and negotiating their terms.

Do you have a question about our Test Lab? We are happy think with you about possibilities the Test Lab can offer you. Please contact our specialists for this

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