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HMVT is a wide-ranging environmental technology company that searches for and delivers innovative solutions for the protection and remediation of soils and the purification of water flows and air flows. The remediation of a diesel NAPL layer under a former industrial site, the remediation of chlorine-contaminated groundwater underneath a town, the purification of processed air or the deployment of a temporary wastewater purification system during maintenance of an industrial plant – these are all examples of projects we are working on every day.

Our staff are our most valuable asset – innovative but straightforward with a practical approach and focused on the solution and the customer. That is what we have been doing since 1990: efficiently, cleverly and in a cost-saving manner.

That’s why we would be pleased to be your partner!


Nature based remediation

What if we could remediate the soil using all the qualities that nature is already providing? Until some years ago, this all may seem farfetched and highly unlikely. Over the last years we have seen rapid developments in our ability to use biological processes for remediation. We are now at the beginning of what is Nature Based Remediation.

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Management WeGroSan/hmvt

As of September 1, Marco van den Brand has taken on the management of WeGroSan/hmvt (WGS) in Belgium. WGS is

Test lab

To bridge the gap between data-ideas and the implementation of a project, HMVT provides a Test Lab. In close consultation with you, the specific parameters to be tested are determined. For the Test Lab we have a large number of measuring instruments that can be included in a test setup. 

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