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Water treatment using constructed wetlands is nothing new since it has been frequently applied to treat household wastewater. The treatment of more complex contamination in Constructed Wetlands is a whole different discipline. Think of compounds such as benzene, oil, chlorinated hydrocarbons, heavy metals and emerging pollutants for example pharmaceutical residue. HMVT has unique experience in combining groundwater management systems and the treatment of contaminated water in Constructed Wetlands.

We have implemented Constructed Wetland systems at different locations to treat water naturally and have them integrated in the landscape.

Challenge us and our model

To be able to answer clients’ questions swiftly and enable us to quickly calculate the design, we have generated a model that simulates the processes in a constructed wetland. The model is almost completed and so far we have run the model with data from our own projects. There is one way to make the model even better: to run it with greater amount of data and then assess the results in order to improve the model.

Thus, we would like to challenge you: approach us with your water treatment problem! We will run our model with your site particulars and will tell you what wetland solution is possible for your specific case. We will provide an estimate for the dimensions and the expected treatment results.

We can widely improve our model – with your information.

Do you have a water stream that you want to run by our model? Contact us!

For more information: contact our Constructed Wetland experts Paul Verhaagen and Frank Pels.