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Our soil is the starting point for town and country developments

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Next to clean water and clean air, soil is an important part of the quality of our environment. The soil is, literally, the basis of a sustainable living environment. Our soil and groundwater are used intensively. HMVT aims to remediate any contaminated areas in the most sustainable way possible, allowing these locations to also fulfil the needs of future generations.

“Our main task is to clean up pollutions so that the locations remain viable environments for future generations”, says Ted Vendrig of HMVT.

As all-round soil remediators with almost three decades of international experience, we offer tailor-made solutions. More than 30 years ago, we were one of the first companies that started with on-site soil remediation. With a real passion for technology and the environment, we have continued to expand our organisation. Every day, our experts are looking for the best and most efficient solutions in the field of soil remediation. We use a precise approach and always work thoroughly. That is what you can expect from us.

Our approach
Each project is unique. That is why we always talk with the customer or adviser when searching for smart solutions. We have access to a wide range of soil techniques, so can always find a technique suitable for your situation. Soil quality care involves more than just monitoring contamination. In a creative and cost-effective manner we ensure for the active removal of as many as possible sources from contaminated soil. As specialists in soil remediation we combine traditional pump & treat technology with biological, chemical and thermal methods. HMVT often finds itself at the intersection of the role of adviser and that of contractor. From research, conceptual design, pilot testing, detailed design to realisation and from monitoring to completion.

“We want to carry out projects, resolve problems and help customers,” says Ted Vendrig.

Soil remediation is possible using a range of soil techniques. Depending on the situation and wishes of the customer, we can deploy extractive, biological, chemical and thermal techniques for the remediation of soil in a particular area. More information about our soil techniques can be found on the pages regarding the various techniques.

Remediation Guarantee
HMVT is a reliable partner that carries out the entire remediation process for a predetermined fixed fee. This covers not only the execution of the remediation work. Advice, granting permits, any (pilot) research, design, implementation, environmental management and completion of the remediation are also included in the total service provision.

Taking over the remediation risks is always a tailor-made process. Our experts highlight in a transparent and clear manner the known risks and associated costs. On that basis we can come to a definite arrangement with the client for buying out the risks. With HMVT as their partner, a customer is never faced with unexpected surprises.