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It is important for us to continue to develop. That’s why HMVT has a Research & Development (R&D) team, which consists of a number of experts from the field. The R&D team members carry out projects as well. This therefore gives us both theoretical and practical expertise. Our R&D experts have a very broad professional experience on matters such as chemical reactivity, biological and chemical soil and degradation processes and developing purification concepts.

In order to investigate the purification possibilities of soil, (ground)water and air in a practically oriented manner, we have a fully equipped lab. Here we are able to set up small-scale simulations of the purification techniques or solutions under all sorts of conditions.

In addition to testing remediation and purification solutions in the lab, we also regularly carry out on-site pilot tests. We can use our own versatile water and air purification equipment or mobile injection unit. The mobile unit allows us to perform pilot-scale injections for the chemical or biological break-down of contaminations. It is also possible to use this to carry out soil vapour extraction tests.



  • VCA-P
  • ISO 9001
  • BRL 7002