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As of September 1, Marco van den Brand has taken on the management of WeGroSan/hmvt (WGS) in Belgium. WGS is a full subsidiary of HMVT and focuses on (in-situ) soil remediation and various traditional civil projects. With direct management from HMVT, knowledge, people and resources between WGS and HMVT will be optimized.

Marco: “I’m really looking forward to it. I think there are many opportunities for HMVT in Belgium, not only in terms of soil and groundwater remediation and filling stations, but also in the field of vapor and water purification. are active in the Netherlands. In addition, we are also able to distinguish ourselves in Belgium when it comes to taking over remediation obligations. In short, there is plenty to do!”

Toekomst Naar de toekomst WGS zich vooral gaan richten op in-situ en klassieke bodemsaneringen en de bouw en verbouw van tankstations.


In the future, WGS will mainly focus on in-situ and classical soil remediation and the construction and renovation of filling stations. We focus on complex contaminants where, for example, a lot of cargo has to be removed or where explosion safety is an issue. We use all conceivable techniques for this, ranging from extractive, biological or chemical, but also thermal if necessary. we will also bring the experiences of HMVT in design, construction and operation of Constructed Wetlands for groundwater treatment, Japanese Knotweed projects and Off-the-Grid remediation installations to Belgium. With regard to the construction/renovation of filling stations, we will also apply the Dutch experiences with regard to electric and hydrogen stations.

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For more information, please contact Marco van den Brand.