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Thermal techniques

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Thermal in-situ remediation techniques are the fastest and most robust remediation solutions. With these techniques, contaminants in the soil are heated and vaporised. Next, the released contaminated vapours are collected and purified.

A remediation rate of >99% may be achieved. This rate is inclusive of the removal of subsidence layers of pure product, which are very difficult to remove using other in-situ remediation techniques. The entire soil is heated to temperatures above boiling point, so that clay layers, loam layers and even rock soils are cleaned.

TRS Europe
For in-situ thermal remediation projects we work together with TRS, a US-based company specialising in thermal soil remediation. For the execution of this specific type of projects, we and TRS have formed the joint venture company, TRS Europe. TRS Europe focusses on thermal remediation projects across Europe and on the Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) and Conductive Heating techniques. For more information about TRS Europe and thermal remediation projects, see the website of TRS.

Apart from very robust thermal techniques such as ERH and conductive heating, we can also design and execute ‘light’ thermal remediation projects for you. Think of, for instance, the injection of hot air to boost the classical soil vapour extraction method.


We can remediate soil contamination with PFAS with thermal soil remediation. Read (link) the article ‘Thermal soil remediation of soil contaminated with PFAS’