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Constructed Wetlands

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Constructed Wetlands

The use of wetlands (helophytes) for the treatment of domestic wastewater is not new. But something that is new is the application of Constructed Wetlands for the treatment of water contaminated with chemical pollutants. The advantages: the biology ensures the purification of the pollutants, the energy consumption of the system is negligible or nil, the operating costs are very low, there is no visual disturbance, and the wastewater can be used to improve the biodegradation processes in the soil.

Research and Design Constructed Wetlands

Of course, the design of a Constructed Wetland must be solid. Important parts of the design process are degradation mechanism and degradation speed of the pollutants, function in both summer and winter, and space occupation. We have developed a design module especially for the purification of more complex pollutants. This module enables us to estimate in advance whether purification of a particular pollutant is promising and what the dimensions of the wetland should be. We work with Deltares to solve complex questions.

Realization, management, and maintenance of Constructed Wetlands

Besides executing the design of the Constructed Wetland, and possibly testing it, we can construct it for you. We can also take care of maintenance and environmental support for you.