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Team Manager

Paul Verhaagen

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Nature Based Water Treatment

HMVT is specialized in biological treating of both ground and process waters polluted with complex chemicals. One of the methods we use are constructed wetlands. The use of a constructed wetland – also known as a helophyte pond – is not new. These type of naturally water treatment systems are often used to treat domestic wastewater. The use of a constructed wetland to treat water polluted with complex chemicals is a speciality that only a few companies in the world offer. Pollutants can vary from mineral oils to benzene, chlorinated solvents, heavy metals and emerging contaminants like medicines.


We have a unique reference portfolio in combining hydraulic groundwater barrier systems with the treating of the extracted groundwaters in a constructed wetland. We also notice a growing interest in these type of control & treatment solutions that can be naturally integrated in the existing environment and landscape. The advantages of constructed wetland water treatment systems are evident:

  • Relatively low investment costs, especially compared to above ground classical water treatment systems.
  • Constructed wetlands are very energy friendly: very low carbon footprint and energy can be generated locally on-site by wind or solar power as well.
  • Low operational costs.
  • Integrated in existing landscapes, no visual nuisance compared to classical water treatment systems, containers or buildings.

Study & Design

Of course each project is unique and this also counts for a constructed wetland solution. A design needs to be solid with respect to biological degradation routes & speed, temperature changes during summer and winter times, space needed, etc. To design our constructed wetlands we have created our own design program to easily check if a wetland solution is feasible and what dimensions would be needed. We also work closely together with the Dutch Research Institute called Deltares.

Pilot Unit

To double check a design we can also test water in our (mobile) pilot test reactor. We have our own containerized and miniature wetland to test treatment results before installing a wetland in full scale. This testing can be done at our office location in Ede but also on-site. In the containerized unit we can control treatment conditions like light intensity and temperatures.

Instalment, operation & maintenance

After study, design and – if necessary – pilot scale testing, we can of course also install the constructed wetland for you as well as taking care of operation, maintenance and environmental monitoring.

Project Examples:

  • Huis Doorn
  • Zwolle

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