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HMVT aims to be a leading partner in the development and application of sustainable and integral environmental-engineering solutions for the purification of soil, water and air.

HMVT is ambitious when it comes to matters such as shaping the world around us. Our basic principle? Working in a world full of opportunities! To us, that means: making the most of the opportunities and taking well-considered chances. Not keeping to the beaten track, but searching for other solutions, innovative ideas, or simply more efficient working methods.

Dynamics is never achieved as a one-man performance; running a business is a team effort. As staff members amongst one another, as well as together with clients and partners.

People-oriented and client-oriented
Thanks to our clients we are in business and our employees are our main asset. Besides, people are at the centre of the everyday surroundings we are working on. Our aim: happy clients! In order to reach this goal, we offer more vision and keep a sense of reality. In other words, we are results-oriented but at the same time we are also concerned with social interests, the environment, the (financial) margins and the person behind the work. That is the reason why investing in long-lasting relationships comes naturally to us.