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Biological vapour decontamination

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With biological systems (biofilters) micro-organisms convert hydrocarbons into harmless end products, mainly water and carbon dioxide. With biological systems certain things have to be ensured well.

Continuous process
A biological purification benefits from an as continuous as possible process. Micro-organisms, after all, need time to adapt to changed conditions. This means that short-term changes in starting concentrations and/or substances are difficult to absorb due to batch-by-batch operations.

Temperature & humidity
Micro-organisms are sensitive to temperature and humidity. They don’t like it when their surroundings are too cold and too humid. Nor do they like them too warm or too dry. With a biological filter outside on the roof these conditions are more difficult to ensure.

Oxygen level & pH
In addition to temperature and humidity, conditions such as oxygen level and pH play an important role. Some substances are more difficult to break down biologically than others. It is therefore important to give them sufficient contact time. Chlorinated hydrocarbons, for example, break down better anaerobically and the regular (volatile) hydrocarbons better aerobically.