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Classic groundwater treatment plants

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We have extensive experience in the design, realization and maintenance of ground and process water treatment plants, both temporary and permanent plants. We are especially in our element when it comes to highly polluted water flows with, for example, pure organic (chlorine) hydrocarbons, heavy metals or medicine residues and pesticides.

We have extensive experience with the following classic purification systems for the treatment of ground or process water:

  • Physical purification techniques
  • Biological treatment
  • Chemical treatment

Physical purification techniques

We often combine several techniques in our classic (ground) water purification systems. For example, inlet and effluent buffers, lift pumps, oil / water or product separators, dosing systems for additives, adsorption filters (activated carbon), air stripping, sand filtration systems and complete iron removal. We are particularly in our element when it comes to (semi) permanent water purification systems where a high degree of finishing is required. For example, detail engineering, HAZOP processes and ATEX issues.


Organic treatment

In addition to the physical / chemical techniques, we also frequently use biological degradation to purify incoming water flows. We mostly use bio rotors, in which a cylindrical gasket partly rotates under and above water and on which bacteria grow that break down the pollutants in the water.


Chemical treatment

Not only do we combine biological degradation with our traditional water treatment plants, but we also add chemical elements. Think of acid and lye dosages, the injection of ozone, UV killing and / or hydrogen peroxide treatments. These advanced oxidation techniques are particularly suitable for dealing with drug residues or pesticides.

These substances are found in the environment increasingly more often. In contrast with the “classic” groundwater contamination with organic hydrocarbons, these substances are present in the environment much more diffusely and thus threaten our drinking water supplies. Our groundwater is becoming “grayer”. HMVT has the in-house knowledge and expertise to effectively tackle these substances through Advanced Oxidation processes: combinations of UV, peroxide, and ozone.

When it comes to UV / Peroxide treatment of contaminated groundwater, we also proactively work with Van Remmen UV Technology from Wijhe to deal with these substances. Van Remmen has unique knowledge of advanced oxidation because of their Advanoxtm system among other things.