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Pure water. We take it for granted. But we have to put in more and more effort to protect our precious water supplies and maintain the quality of our groundwater and wastewater. The classic chemical soil and groundwater contamination is not the only thing that will pose a threat in the long term. The quality is also endangered by new groups of substances, such as the PFAS compounds, pharmaceutical residues, pesticides, and the leaching of nutrients from intensive agricultural areas. This requires HMVT to offer innovative solutions in every link of the water chain. From conceptual idea to realization and management.

Our approach
Our projects are never the same. Every question always requires a customized approach. Thanks to our many years of experience in purifying contaminated groundwater flows, we can quickly come up with the right solution. We do not focus solely on one technology, but always opt for a practical approach that balances the environment, efficiency, and costs. We often do bench-scale tests for our solutions that take place in our own test room or in practice on a pilot scale.
“We deliver a service. Each project is a puzzle whereby the pieces have to be put into the right place,” says Martijn Baars, water purification specialist at HMVT.

Clean Tech Water Purification

We have a lot of experience with the classical forms of water purification, from physical to biological and chemical purification processes. But we are also applying “Clean Tech” water purification methods increasingly more often. This way we purify (ground) water by using the power of nature while naturally integrating the process into the surroundings. For example, we have been using [Constructed Wetlands] for several years to purify complex chemical contaminants in a natural way.

We are actively expanding our knowledge and expertise in Clean Tech Water Purification. We do this by entering into partnerships with Laqua from Sweden for example, who has extensive experience in adsorption filters of natural materials often in combination with planting willows. These [Laqua® Filters] are used to sustainably clean leachate from landfills or nutrient leaching from agricultural areas.

Emerging substances PFAS, drug residues and pesticides

As an innovative soil and groundwater purification treatment company, we continuously scan the possibilities to also rid the water of “emerging” substances such as PFAS, medicine residues and pesticides. We test possible solutions ourselves or in collaboration with partners.