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Pure water. We take it for granted. However, away from the public eye, it takes more and more effort to maintain the quality of our drinking water and waste water. Innovative solutions are required in every link of the water chain. HMVT helps the business community with advice to face this challenge.

To be able to offer the best possible solutions, we at HMVT are working hard to investigate and think up new purification techniques. A composite installation with multiple purification phases tends to be the most efficient solution. We have our own production hall for constructing complete wastewater treatment plants. Here we develop water purification plants that are suitable for treating industrial waste water and groundwater. We can install these plants, set up tailored to your needs and wishes, at your location. We are also happy to take over the maintenance and technical management. Our team of specialists will be pleased to assist you further.

“We deliver a service. Each project is a puzzle whereby the pieces have to be put into the right place,” says Martijn Baars, water purification specialist at HMVT.

Our approach
Water problems are often acute and have to be resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks to our years of experience we are able to quickly get to the heart of the problem. In combination with the large range of environmental techniques we have at our disposal, we can speedily come up with a tailor-made solution. We are not tied to any specific technology, and so can design and develop the most suitable technology and provide the necessary advice.

In the event of water problems we first of all look at the source-related measures for reducing your waste water or for obtaining better quality. This makes the purification process easier as well as less expensive. For all our services our approach remains practical and solution-oriented. The same goes for the approach to purification of water. Our focus is not solely on the installation of a water purification plant. It is the customer that is central to the way we work; together we look for the right solution. If necessary, we will develop and carry out tests for this purpose in our test labs, and test the solutions in practice on the scale of a pilot run.

In our centralised workshop, we prepare the water purification installations to specification, under the responsibility of an experienced team of mechanical engineers, process technologists and electronics experts. The installations are then installed on site. In addition to building the installations, we also have expertise in the area of technical management and maintenance. At HMVT we are fully committed to guaranteeing continuity and achieving the right quality of the purified water.

A composite installation with multiple purification phases is often the best solution for a water problem. We have broad experience in the following purification systems:

  • Physical separation techniques: separators, filtration, iron removal, and aeration
  • Biological treatment: biorotors and bioreactors.
  • Chemical treatment: acid and caustic dosages, ozone, UV and hydrogen peroxide treatments.“A water problem is often very acute. It needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. This makes it always exciting and challenging,” says Martijn.

Our plants can be used for a variety of applications – for the purification of groundwater or for the treatment of process water, but our plants are used in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries as well. All plants meet stringent safety requirements, including the ATEX guidelines. Prior to the handover, we perform a Risk Inventory and Evaluation to ensure that the plant works in a safe manner and complies with all European guidelines.

It is also possible to deploy temporary water purification installations in order to bridge a maintenance period. This avoids the operations of the customer grinding to a halt during this time. We can rent out or sell such purification plants to you. These may concern temporary or permanent plants.

Our Water Team is formed by process water engineers with a lot of experience in both physical/chemical as well as biological water treatment processes. In our workshop we pre-construct our treatment systems prior to shipment to and instalment on-site. For the (pre) construction of our treatment systems we have a dedicated and experienced team of mechanical, electrical and control engineers.

Nature Based Water Treatment
Beside our more classical physical/chemical water treatment solutions we also have specialized ourselves in water treatment of complex chemical pollutants in helophyte ponds, also called constructed wetlands. A constructed wetland is a treatment system in which the pollutants are removed by biological processes and that is integrated into its natural environment. Whereas helophyte ponds are often used to treat domestic type of wastewater, we design our constructed wetlands to remove more complex pollutions. These pollutants can vary from oil-based products to all kind of (chlorinated) solvents or even more exotic. When a water is treatable via a constructed wetland the low energy and operating costs are an interesting advantage.

The design, instalment and operation of a constructed wetland is a very specialized business. We have successfully carried out such projects in the past and would like to assist you with similar cases.

Click here if you would like to learn more about our constructed wetland solutions.