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Laqua® Filter

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Our Swedish partner Laqua has been designing Clean Tech water treatment plants for many years. Their purpose is the removal of organic (micro) pollutants on the one hand and nutrients on the other hand. They replace classic filter materials such as activated carbon and sand filtration with more circular, natural materials (Laqau® Filter). Laqua is also an expert in the purification of water flows by planting willows, for example to extract nutrients from water. These natural forms of water purification are extremely suitable for purifying the outflow of contaminated water from landfills or agricultural areas, naturally integrated into the surroundings.

Laqua® Filter

The Laqua® Filter is derived from a sand filter in which the sand is enriched with natural filter media that are better able to adsorb organic pollutants as well. For example, coal ash and peat residues. The combination creates a filter medium in which adsorption and desorption takes place on the one hand, and chemical and biological decomposition processes on the other hand. In combination with a sophisticated design, irrigation, and maintenance plan, it is a circular, environmentally friendly treatment system.


If water contains too many nutrients, HMVT and Laqua can possibly apply natural purification by planting Willows. Willows are known for fast growth and high (water) absorption. By doing that, they fix nutrients. We create an extremely environmentally friendly way of purifying water by periodically harvesting the willows and using them for sustainable energy.


The advantages of this type of natural filter system are evident:

  • Robust
  • Low construction and operational costs
  • Natural appearance & integration into the surroundings
  • No or very little energy consumption and circular