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An industrial theme housing that totally follows the latest trends. This is where an industrial interior belongs, as well as industrial surroundings with an industrial heritage. A very successful example of this is the Defence island in Woerden. The soil in industrial areas is often contaminated because of intensive use. This was also the case on Defence island. The property developer of the location had first to decontaminate the soil in the area before transforming it into this unique place of residence.

The location

This contaminated island in the inner-city of Woerden was a military complex from 1880 to 2001 where, amongst others, clothing and equipment were washed. Because of the industrial activities, both the soil and the groundwater at the site were contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons. After cleaning up the contamination in the upper layers of the soil, HMVT, the in-situ decontamination specialist, decontaminated the groundwater.

Decontamination techniques

On the island, three source zones were identified together with a large scale pocket layer. Before construction could commence, the source zones were decontaminated to a depth of 5m-mv through excavation. Thereafter, HMVT treated the underlying soil layer from a depth of 5 to 20 meters with the aid of in situ chemical oxidation. Following this treatment, most of the contaminated substances were transformed into harmless end products. In some places, this treatment was repeated up to five times. Subsequently, a ‘polishing step’ was initiated by stimulating the (anaerobic) breakdown of the remaining contamination by the administration of a (slow release) carbon source. In layman’s terms: we created the ideal environment for the bacteria so that it could further break down the remaining contamination. The decontamination of the soil has now progressed to such an extent degree that the Competent Authority has given the go-ahead for the commencement of the development. We are really proud that we were able to take on this challenge and, together with all the parties involved (see image below), to convert it into a successful result.

Out of the box

Each project is unique and HMVT likes to think along with those involved to find a bespoke decontamination solutions. With soil decontamination it is often difficult to make a good estimation in advance. To what depth has the decontamination spread? Which types of soil layers are present? Which toxic substances are involved? If it turns out that the area is larger than expected, we anticipate this in a flexible manner. Together with you, we think further. Are you curious about what we could mean for you? Then please contact us.