Constructed Wetland Pilot Unit takes off

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Constructed Wetlands can be a beautiful, energy-efficient and circular method to purify contaminated groundwater streams and percolate water originating from disposal sites. We have already designed and produced many Wetlands. Last year, we also built a model for better dimensioning our Wetland beforehand; this spring, we constructed a mini-wetland in a 20-foot container. This pilot unit can be taken to a location to determine the feasibility of this treatment method on-site and verify the site specific design parameters. We can also collect water and test it ourselves at Ede.

The Constructed Wetland Pilot Unit .is now operational. On the 9th of July the unit was installed at the Nedereindse Plas site to conduct a pilot. Despite the clean-up of this former disposal site, contaminated percolate water flows into the groundwater, and this pollution is managed. The current water purification system needs an update, and we think that it can also be replaced by a Constructed Wetland. We will be testing in the coming months to determine if this is indeed the case.