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HMVT has 5 new colleagues. It’s time to introduce them to you.

Martijn Baars
During his career, Martijn Baars took many steps as a mechanic, service engineer, execution process technologist for water treatment installations. With experience in groundwater remediation, both on the implementation and consultancy side, he is a professional in innovative water treatment solutions in a professional. As of March 1, Martijn combines advice and implementation at HMVT. He’s mainly focused on purification techniques around the wastewater industry.

Wouter Neutel
As of February 1, Wouter strengthens the team of project leaders at HMVT. He is a professional in the themes of soil and air. With years of experience in research, advice and implementation of soil, sediment and soil remediation, he really complements the team. He also worked for us eight or nine years ago. In the meantime, he has gained experience in the consultancy world.

Rik Tiemens
As of 1 February, Rik strengthens the HMVT team with work preparation. He works in the field of technical drawings, but also procurement and implementation of material management. He strengthens our team both internally in our workshop and externally with our projects.

Carl Geerlings
As of February 1, Carl is a fresh new part of the HMVT team. As a junior mechanic, he will be trained by our senior mechanics. He has knowledge and experience in Mechatronics and as a service engineer. He participates in our office and externally projects. In this way, he will see al the facets of remediation.

Yazid Siteli
Yazid is  preparing his Master Degree in Water Science at the National Institute of Scientific Research. He was involved in many projects during my stay in Canada. All those projects were lab or pilot scale. Hence, he decided to do this internship in order to have a “full scale” experience that will help him to have a complete view on water treatment process. He’s building a pilot unit for Constructed Wetland also with the modelling for a better understanding of the system. He’s currently working on a ISCO project that it’s going to be in Montpellier, where he’s doing a pilot scale test to confirm the efficiency of the treatment.

Wouter, Rik en Carl