HMVT and Van Remmen UV Technology combine forces to tackle ‘Grey’ Groundwater

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As presented by HMVT and Deltares at the Aqua Consoil Conference in Antwerp in 2019 [link] and widely recognized amongst groundwater specialists, our common groundwater slowly becomes ‘grey’. Within our society there is a growing awareness that our precious drinking water supplies are under threat by diffuse and emerging pollutants like pesticides, nutrients as well as medicines and PFAS. In contrary to the ‘classical’ soil- and groundwater pollutants such as chlorinated solvents, heavy metals and oils these ‘new’ pollutants are not only found as hot spots in densely populated areas but also in rural areas. These compounds are found in big volumes with low, but still significant concentrations. Diffuse pollutants like these not only threaten drinking water supplies, but also process water and other sources that are used in (food) industries.


Combined Strengths

To remove pesticides and medicines from water Advanced Oxidation technologies like UV/peroxide or Ozone combinations can be very effective as a treatment method, both technically as well as financially. This is also why HMVT and Van Remmen UV Technology have joined their forces on this topic. HMVT has over 25 years of experience in in-situ soil and groundwater remediation projects, varying from conceptual design, modelling and pilot studies to implementation and operation of treatment projects. Van Remmen UV Technology on the other hand is specialized in water treatment with AdvanoxTM (Advanced Oxidation Technologies), also ranging from design to construction and operation of the actual water treatment systems. Together we form a very strong team to help organizations in protecting their precious (drink)water sources from medicines, pesticides and other micropollutants.

More information?    

Do you have a case where pesticides or medicines in groundwater need to be treated, please feel free to contact us. This can be done via Marco van den Brand or via Kaspar Groot Kormelinck.