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Implementing a new water or air treatment, soil remediation – this is always nerve-racking. Does it actually work? What are the precise costs? Will we achieve the necessary results to adhere to permit requirements? How much of the chemicals is used up? How much waste (e.g. sludge) is produced? And can the treatment be improved?

This is where our test lab comes in: there we can do trials on a small scale in order to investigate these questions. This is applied in our own projects but can also be done for external clients. We can conduct the testing ourselves but if you prefer to do it yourself we also rent out our test lab and other facilities for a reasonable price. Various consultancy firms have already made use of this service. It will help you gain a better understanding of the matter and you can be very flexible in your test set-up.

Our test lab is conveniently located at our headquarters in Ede and equipped with all necessary tools and materials. These include tubes and hoses, clutches, various pumps, connectors and connection pieces but also various chemicals (such as acids and bases, hydrogen peroxide etc.), different types of activated carbon, filters, gas bottles (e.g. nitrogen). We also have various measurement devices available for PID, FID, pH, EC, redox and more.

If you are interested in implementing or improving a new treatment system (air, water) or a soil remediation technique we recommend to test it first on a small scale to prevent annoying setbacks later on. Click here for more information: