Groundwater purification installation in South Netherlands

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For a multinational in the south of the Netherlands, HMVT has designed in detail and implemented a (semi-)permanent groundwater purification installation. HMVT also takes care of the management, control and maintenance of the installation. On-site groundwater has been contaminated with a mixture of (chlorinated) hydrocarbons. To avoid a contamination plume from spreading, this contaminated groundwater is extracted and the contamination contained while awaiting a remediation of the source.

A unique aspect of the implementation of this water purification was the very tight schedule.

To realise an optimally cost-effective purification of the extracted groundwater, HMVT designed an installation with a maximum design flow rate of 30 m³/hour. The water purification consists of the following components:

– An influent tank
– A biological purification stage by means of a biorotor
– An automatic sand filtration stage to remove iron and insoluble parts
– An aeration stage by means of a stripping tower.
– A polishing stage by means of activated carbon filtration

The vapours that are released during aeration are also cleaned using activated carbon. The installation functions fully automatic and can, of course, also be adjusted and controlled remotely using telemetry.

HMVT has managed to install and start up the water purification within the desired time frame. The installation has been operational since December 2018 and meets all expectations. The design flow rate and purification yields are realised.