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Due to previous activities, the soil and groundwater of an old industrial site a short distance from the centre of Ede had been contaminated, mainly with zinc and pentachlorophenols. In connection with the proposed redevelopment of the site, the soil and groundwater had to be cleaned up. HMVT was commissioned to clean up this large-scale contamination. Due to the sheer scope of the task and the high extraction flow rate, a comprehensive water purification was necessary.

The purpose of the groundwater remediation is to stop the spread of the contamination and put a halt to any further adverse effects on the groundwater downstream. In order to realise this, HMVT extracted groundwater at a flow rate of 50 m³/hour which was then infiltrated again through purification. The water was purified up to < 3,000 µg/l zinc and < 3 µg/l pentachlorophenols (PCPs).

A complete groundwater purification installation was built at the site. After a long adjustment period due to various bouts of hard frost, the water purification started in early 2013.