Removing iron from groundwater as process water

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In 2017 HMVT, in collaboration with Wegrosan, built and operated a deferrization plant for a pharmaceutical company for the use of groundwater as process water. The groundwater had an iron concentration of 10-15 mg/l.

In order to reduce the iron concentration in the groundwater, two parallel sand filters with a capacity of 15 m3/hour were designed and deployed. The process consisted of the following:
– Fitting an influent and effluent buffer
– Installing a frequency controlled influent and effluent pump, flow meters and pressure gauges
– Fitting and installing a double sand filter with aeration tank
– Installing the entire pipe system (PVC and HDPE)
– Fitting control valves for automatic operation
– Fitting and installing a control box with an integrated PLC
– Wiring the entire installation
– Fitting a continuous iron-measuring device for monitoring the effluent
– Operation of the installation.

HMVT has realised an installation that runs around the clock 24/7. The reliability of the installation is more than 95%. The effluent concentration is < 0.1 mg/l iron.