Vapour decontamination using pulsed cold plasma

Nanosecond pulsed cold plasma can be deployed as a very powerful cold plasma air purification technique, also called Pulsed Corona Technology. Some years ago HMVT, in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/E) and with its parent company, Antea Group, built a Demonstrator Reactor and carried out several pilot tests.

What is it?
Pulsed Corona Technology is also referred to as Cold Plasma Technology because breakdown reactions already occur at ambient temperatures. A corona is a field (plasma) of very active particles, electrons and free radicals, for example the kind that develops in a lightning discharge. In essence, the Pulsed Corona Technology creates small, controlled ‘mini thunderbolts’ and as such a very reactive plasma field, in which contaminant vapours can be broken down.

The uniqueness of our Pulsed Corona Technology lies in the fact that we are capable of generating an extremely short pulse of very high capacity (100 MW). This enables us to create a plasma field that is stronger by a factor of approximately 10 than plasma fields created using non-pulsed cold plasma purifiers. The end result is a more efficient and energy-saving process. In addition, the electrons possess such a high level of energy that hard-to-crack vapours and substances such as H2S, NOx, fine particle dust and micro-organisms can be tackled as well.

Advantages of Pulsed Corona Air Purification Technology in a row
• Low energy consumption
• Small carbon footprint
• High flow rates can be treated with low reactor volume
• Very environment-friendly technology
• No or hardly any consumption of water or chemicals
• A wide variety of contaminations can be removed

Additional effects
• Removal of micro-organisms
• Removal of fine particle dust

• Industrial vapour decontamination for large volumes of air
• Removal of odours and a wide variety of organic components
• Cleansing animal stable air of fine particle dust, odours, ammonia and micro-organisms
• Purification of traffic and tunnel air containing NOx and fine dust particles

The Pulsed Corona Technology is particularly suitable for the treatment of large vapour flows with flow rates of some tens of thousands m³/hour to one hundred thousand m³/hour or even more.

Whilst we discontinued our active contribution to the development of the Demonstrator, we can upon request arrange for the Demonstrator to be deployed for carrying out a pilot test. If you wish to receive more information about this, please contact Marco van den Brand.