The operation of a constructed wetland

The operation of a constructed wetland is based on the biological breakdown of contaminants. The takes place in the water and is supported by local plant species. It is a solution suitable for the treatment of waste- and groundwater flows of industrial origin, but also for the treatment of leachate from landfills.

A careful design

The design is the key to a successfully constructed wetland. Several factors are important here: the composition and breakdown constants of contaminants, the desired water quality, the flow rate and seasonal influences. To support the design, we have developed various models to determine the optimal layout and size. We offer you quick and direct insight into the feasibility and size of your constructed wetland.

Constructed wetland container

Anyone who invests in a constructed wetland wants to be assured of a sustainable and effective solution. HMVT has developed a constructed wetland container to carry out pilot projects. We first create a test setup in the pilot container to investigate and optimize solution variants and operation. The container can easily be installed at your location. This allows us to guide the water to be treated through different types of wetlands. This is how we determine the optimal concept for your constructed wetland.

A wetland from A to Z

Do you choose a constructed wetland? HMVT takes care of the entire process: from landscape integration, licensing and realization. We take care of this for you. Once a wetland is active, little additional management and maintenance is required. Biology does its job and natural processes are very robust. Naturally, we monitor the operation and effectiveness of the constructed wetland.

Our track record

In recent years, we have constructed several constructed wetlands in the Netherlands and Belgium. A good example is Huis Doorn Castle. Here, a constructed wetland ensures groundwater remediation (water contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons). We used the moat as part of the integrated total solution to improve water quality. This wetland is integrated into the environment of the estate. A fine example of HMVT creativity and innovation.

Would you like to know whether a constructed wetland could be something for you? Contact us, our specialists are ready to help you.

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