Looking for a specialist for groundwater and wastewater treatment?

HMVT offers innovative solutions for various water treatment applications. Our strength? We are not tied to one technique, one approach. We select the right techniques and solutions for your location. From mobile water treatment plants to constructed wetlands. Small or complex projects, for the short or long term: we offer you suitable, effective and flexible solutions.

‘With our treatment solutions you choose an optimal balance between the environment, efficiency and costs’

Customization in groundwater and wastewater treatment

Every (ground)water contamination and every location requires its own unique approach.
For each contamination we use a treatment technique - or a combination of techniques - that suits your situation, objectives and regulations.

HMVT uses:

  • Classic water treatment systems
  • Mobile wastewater treatment plants
  • Constructed wetlands
  • PFAS treatment

In short, HMVT is a partner that realizes a tailor-made solution from start to finish that allows you - and your business operations - to move forward.

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