Air Emissions

“Our main task is to clean up pollutions so that the locations remain viable environments for future generations”, says Ted Vendrig of HMVT.

As all-round soil remediators with almost three decades of international experience, we offer tailor-made solutions. More than 30 years ago, we were one of the first companies that started with on-site soil remediation. With a real passion for technology and the environment, we have continued to expand our organisation. Every day, our experts are looking for the best and most efficient solutions in the field of soil remediation. We use a precise approach and always work thoroughly. That is what you can expect from us.

Our soil is the starting point for town and country developments

In some situations, the residual contamination in the plume can be broken down (degraded) in a biological manner after the core has been removed. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the residual contamination, the degradation is stimulated by injecting oxygen and/or a carbon source together with nutrients.

We stimulate both aerobic and anaerobic degradation processes. Biological techniques can be a suitable and affordable alternative, especially in plume areas or as a biological barrier.

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In many situations, HMVT applies chemical techniques to tackle contaminations. Some chemical techniques, for example oxidation and reduction, are used to break down contaminations, whereas other chemical techniques are aimed at immobilising a contamination in the soil.

A chemical technique that has proven itself more and more in recent years is chemical oxidation. Chemical oxidation gives excellent results within a short period of time. This technique is particularly effective and useful in core areas with high concentrations of contaminants.

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Our soil is the starting point for town and country developments. Extractive remediation techniques are used to first mobilise contaminations from the soil and then, in many cases, treat these contaminations above ground. We use multiple extractive techniques:

  • Soil vapour extraction
  • Air sparging
  • Various types of groundwater extraction
  • Dewatering by means of vacuum drainage
  • Gravity drainage
  • Multi-phase extraction
  • Deep-well drainage

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Rental solutions for air emissions services

(Tank) Maintenance scheduled, new environmental regulations, capacity constraints, remediation project or odor control.

Need a quick solution to be in compliance with your new permit until your stationary solution is installed or upgraded? 

HMVT offers rental solutions at your convenience for these situations with catalytic oxidizing units (CatOx), scrubbing systems and active carbon solutions

This makes HMVT unique in the market! We are the only service provider that offers multiple emissions control and degassing technologies, we do not limit ourselves to 1. 

Contact or call us directly at: +31 619 594 315

Our rental systems can handle ranges from  1 – 20.000 m3 / hr of contaminated vapor and air streams, including high and low concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

HMVT’s rental equipment is easy to install and set up. Vey often operated without personnel and integrated in your operational control systems.

Contact us for a detailed advise for your application

  • Tank maintenance
  • Odor control
  • (Temporary) setups to be in compliance with new environmental legislation
  • Capacity increase on existing installations and systems, for example in the summertime
  • Soil and ground water remediation


Your existing vapor treatment has an outage, pre- or post treatment is unexpectedly offline, an accident, threatened with down time etc. etc.

They all require an urgent solution for emissions control or degassing. For these situations :

Call immediately: +31 619 594 315

Our flexible emissions control solutions can be mobilized very fast.

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