For every remediation phase

HMVT provides you with a total concept. We make the design and carry out the execution and monitoring of the remediation.

We use the following technologies - depending on the type of contamination:

  • Soil air extraction: extracting contaminated vapors from the soil and subsequently treating them above ground.
  • Compressed air injection: This technique involves injecting air into the soil to strip contaminants and then extracting and treating them above ground.
  • Groundwater extractions: various forms of drainage (deepwell, vacuum and gravity) and multi-phase extraction where we pump up groundwater and treat it above ground.
  • Multi-phase extraction (MPE): by applying a high under pressure at the groundwater/soil air interface, pure product, groundwater and air are extracted. This allows drift layers to be removed effectively.

We often use combinations of technologies to achieve the optimum result.

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Other techniques

Biological remediation

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Chemical remediation

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Thermal remediation

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