For every remediation phase

We are your partner that will guides you through every phase of soil remediation. We conduct research at the source, determine realistic remediation goals, make a concept design and take care of the complete implementation and execution. We are there for you from start to finish, including the remediation plan, consultation with the authorities, permit application, management and monitoring. HMVT takes care of you from A to Z.

'For each contamination we use the remediation technique that suits your situation and objectives the best'

Multi-solutions and customization

Wherever our specialists are working: at HMVT we always take the “best-for-project” approach. PAC’s, VOC’s, PFAS, heavy metals, cyanides or (oil) drift layers: every contamination and every location requires its own unique approach.

HMVT offers a wide range of in situ soil remediation techniques. For each type of contamination, we select the remediation technique - or a combination of techniques - that best suits your situation and objectives. Are you dealing with a challenging cocktail? HMVT has its own test lab where we can carry out analyzes and pilot tests on a small scale.

Remediation guarantee

HMVT carries out soil remediation processes for a predetermined contract amount. This prevents surprises. Our experts provide insight in the risks and costs involved.

Would you like to know more about a remediation guarantee? Please contact one of our experts.

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