Renovation WZI Terminal in Antwerp

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In 2015 and 2016, HMVT carried out a renovation project for a water purification installation commissioned by Sweco Belgium. This involved soil and groundwater contamination with mineral oil, BTEX and MTBE.

The project comprised the expansion and renovation of the water purification installation on the site of Vesta Terminal Antwerp. This installation has a capacity of 30m³/hour and is located in an ATEX environment.

In addition to the expansion of the concrete paving and the set-up location, an iron removal phase has been implemented (oxidation tank with Ph measurement, lye dosing and coagulant dosing). In addition, the operation of the continuous sand filter, the plate aerators and the oil/water separators have been optimised, a moisture separator and heater has been placed on the air flow and water ducts have been installed on the ventilators of the plate aerators. A second waterside activated carbon filter has been installed for this project and the operation of the waterside activated carbon filters has been automated. The work that has been carried out includes the installation of a temperature and oxygen measuring device in the existing oil/water separator for rainwater (Ex-zone 0) for personal protection, the installation and connection of valve islands for the controlled valves and the complete renovation of the electrical cabinets and control of the purification installation. And finally, the pipes (HDPE electrofusion fittings), cables and cable ducts have been completely renovated.