Research & purification solution to vapour emissions of Delta Glass, Tholen (NL)

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Delta Glass in Tholen is a manufacturer of cast acrylic sheets that are used for, among other things, windows for caravans, trailers, boats, advertising, screens for mopeds, etc. During the industrial process vapours are released that contain mainly methylmethacrylate (MMA). The processes also involve the release of vapour flows in which butanol and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) are the main constituents. In view of the specific odour of the vapour flows that are released, vapour decontamination was necessary.

In 2017, HMVT carried out studies into the purification possibilities of the vapours that were released during the industrial processes at Delta Glass. Based on an initial screening, two solutions were tested at the site at pilot scale: the washing or scrubbing of the vapours and catalytic oxidation of the vapours. During these pilot tests, HMVT also carried out influent and effluent measurements in order to check the degree of purification, using for example sampling and laboratory analyses and on-site measurements using an FID analyser.

The emission investigations resulted in the selection of catalytic oxidation as the most suitable purification technique for these vapours. Connecting a zeolite filter turned out to be a very successful way of levelling off the erratic influent peaks. Based on the positive purification results in the pilot, Delta Glass decided to purchase and install such a purification installation: zeolite filtration with a post-switched catalytic oxidation unit.
The production of this unit is now in full swing, and we hope to install and start up the unit in Q2.