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As cold as the first edition of Remediation Day was, outside it felt like spring during the third edition of Remediation Day. Around 150 visitors from 8 different countries arrived in Eindhoven at the NH Koningshof on the 6th of February 2020. Remediation Day is now known as the technical day during which we really go into depth and come to new insights together. Knowledge was also paramount during this edition. Marco van den Brand, Managing Director at HMVT, therefore looks back with satisfaction: “It was a high-level event. It was educational, with visitors from many different countries and of course the networking place to be together with colleagues from the industry.”

The day was opened by Paul Verhaagen. He welcomed those present and spoke about how valuable it is to come together and share knowledge. Especially by acquiring knowledge as an industry, we are making progress. An appropriate kick-off for ten high-quality presentations ranging from PFAS to testing technologies. “The level of the presentations was again higher this year than in previous editions,” said Marco van den Brand. “The appreciation for these presentations can be seen and heard. There is interaction and the public is clearly interested.”

 “Nice to share and learn from the hands-on solutions to the day-to-day problems we face in our field of work.”

During the breaks there was room for 16 poster presentations, each highlighting a different part of the industry. Marco van den Brand: “The poster presentations are certainly something that we will expand further in the coming editions. There were positive reactions and that is why it is important to better explain them in the future. Nice to see the diversity of topics our industry focusses on. These topics are then discussed during networking.”

Finally the day was closed by host Rienk Geertsma who proudly looked back on the successful day, thanking the sponsors and presenters for their efforts. This was followed by a busy drink in which the day ended informally with each other. Toast toward the next edition of Remediation Day. May it be just as successful.

“The international speakers gave the day an extra value with new insights and different approach.”