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Martijn Baars, who is maybe already a familiar name to you, is now fully employed by HMVT. With many practical experiences in water purification, for instance in the pharmaceutical industry. Now, he’s devoloping new water purification systems for HMVT. Martijn: “Marco asked me to take a fresh look at the water treatment plants of HMVT. That’s a ncie challenge and I am eager to take efficiency and reliability to an even higher level.” HMVT is also committed to energy-efficient water purification, where possible biologically or circularly, such as with the help of constructed wetlands.

Different installations, one goal

Martijn worked for several years in the pharmaceutical industry as a construction manager and process engineer. How do you purify water with medicine residues? Just discharging waste water into the sewer is no longer of this time. Martijn: “It’s great to see that you can make progress on larger projects by working together. For example, I remember a great project where we had set up a lot of different equipment with a number of companies. Each device had its own function, but the goal was clear: clean water. Projects like these give you the experience and knowledge that will benefit you throughout your career.

New job with familiar faces

Marco and Martijn got in touch by seeing each other in several purification projects.  Marco: “That man knew his business and I wanted a second opinion about HMVT’s water purification systems. He was still working fulltime in the pharmaceutical industry for some time, but now he is fully available for HMVT . A great new strength in the HMVT team.” The switch to a new job is a nice new challenge, but it’s also difficult at times. Martijn: “I feel completely at home at HMVT, but at the beginning it is sometimes difficult with suppliers. I was so convinced of the quality of some suplliers, that I recommended them to HMVT. That has ensured that I occasionally see a familiar face from the past.

Work in progress

In the past year and a half that Martijn has been employed by HMVT, he has already been involved in several great projects. Martijn: “In addition to being asked for my critical view of the existing water treatment plants, I also wanted to tackle my first projects. We succeeded: designing a purification system for a washing station with different water contaminants.” The contaminants at this washing station often differ. Machines and equipment from various sectors of food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, but also from the petrochemical industry. Martijn: “That’s exactly the challenge of this project. I’ve been busy designing a water purification system that you can easily set up per machine. A machine to be cleaned from the oil industry requires a different purification than a pharmaceutical one.” Reactions to Martijn’s design have been positive, so HMVT expects to start building the water treatment plant soon.

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