Mobile FID vapour measurements

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We are conducting measurement campaigns with our clients more and more often to advise them effectively and for more exact dimensioning of a vapour decontamination solution. As HMVT, we go through the whole process thoroughly, not only for soil and groundwater projects but also for air projects: consulting, measuring, testing, designing, production and operation.

More insight

Our aim is to provide the (industrial) client with the most suitable vapour purification solution with a minimal footprint. Often this process would start by getting more insight into emissions. However, these insights are often not obtainable. However, you do regularly see that a (point) measurement or occasionally an odour survey has been done, but to determine the optimal vapour treatment method, it is also crucial to get insight into the dynamics of the vapour emissions: where the increases and decreases are. Not only during the day but also by night and preferably for a duration of a few weeks. Obviously, this will depend on the operating process.


We have two mobile FID units to help us obtain this insight; the one is a two-channel unit, and the other is a four-channel unit. Explosion-safe suction tubes are also available if required. These FID units are also used regularly in our mobile vapour decontamination project with our partner Reym. An FID unit ‘counts’, so to speak, the number of carbon atoms in one vapour. Thus, it is a highly robust unit for determining vapour concentrations.

The photo illustrates the FID setup in a measure and observance container of a vapour decontamination test conducted in Helmond. To further expand our capabilities, we will house the two FIDs in trailers in the coming months to be connected and started up on-site in a plug-and-play fashion.