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Lately, we have strengthened our teams substantially to keep our projects ‘afloat’. Martijn Baars has already been working for us for one year, albeit in a detached external capacity as Water Manager. Recently, he has been made responsible for the construction of the facilities in our workshop. Additionally, he does internal and external consulting for water purification solutions, and in collaboration with our internal planning and workshop colleagues, he is in charge of improving our purification solutions to an industrial standard.

Not only project managers but also young technicians have joined our team. Two junior technicians have joined our team recently: Carl Geerlings and Ferry Kourer. These youngsters are receiving training in our workshop and will definitely also be helping out on projects in the field. And then we also have Arthur Rensen, who will be helping us to automate our Equipment Management System for the foreseeable future. A word of introduction.


Ferry Kourer

Ferry has been with HMVT for one month after working for several years at the Dolfinarium.

Ferry: ‘the work is really cool, great colleagues, diverse and very technical, exactly what I wanted and was looking for’



Carl Geerlings

Carl just started working with us at the beginning of the Corona Crisis, and then we had to let him go, unfortunately. But he wanted to come back, so since the start of the month, he is part of the team again!

Carl: ‘Back in Business, I’m really in my element here, and hope to learn much more’. 



Arthur Rensen

Last but not least, we’ve had Arthur with us for some time as well. Arthur is helping us with one of the most challenging tasks we have… setting up and filling our new Equipment Management System. The old EMS system requires some updates, and in the new Track &Trace system, we want to register each item with a barcode.

Arthur: ‘my word, it is more work than I thought, but really cool’



Our Belgium team is looking for an experienced senior project manager to strengthen our environmental team. Click here for more information and contact us for a conversation, without any obligations!