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HMVT gives their intern Michaela Bhend the floor:

Michaela has been part of the HMVT team as an intern from July. For her master’s Earth Surface and Water at the University of Utrecht she is doing research into Constructed Wetlands as a treatment method for industrial wastewater. The goal of her master’s research: improving the design model for the construction of Constructed Wetlands to make it even more efficient. The aim is to predict more effectively the requirements for each specific remediation case. “What gets me excited about this assignment is that nature-based water treatment systems are gaining more traction in the world. Companies want to remediate more sustainably thus a Constructed Wetland is a fantastic solution.

How are you experiencing your time at HMVT? “Understanding the complex processes within Constructed Wetlands has been quite a challenge since it was a  completely new subject for me. The great thing is that I immediately felt as part of the team and experienced my colleagues at HMVT as very approachable and supportive. Visiting project sites and seeing the treatment systems first-hand are valuable learning experiences for me. That’s the great thing about HMVT: they provide not only tailored consulting but also steer the implementation of the remediation projects. Seeing this whole process makes it so educational! ”

HMVT wishes her good luck with her intenship.