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On Thursday November 29, Marco welcomes colleagues from the past and present in a completely renovated office. Tonight is all about recalling memories. With two jubilees (both Marco and Rein have been in service for 25 years), it is perfect to come together. The newest trainee stood comfortably alongside the founder of HMVT. “Where is HMVT now? And what was it like before?”


Working with pleasure, it is a central theme of HMVT and therefore in the career of Rein and Marco. Their jubilees deserve a golden pin and a bunch of flowers. Marco and Rein received also a personal gift: two self-made “awards” from HMVT with their own story. Jos and Joop told beautiful stories from the past. Marco continued with a short speech in which he thanked everyone for the past years. He also looks to the future: doing nothing is not an option in the coming period.

Group feeling

While enjoying food and drinks from the standing tables, there was enough to talk about. After a convivial dinner, almost the whole old and new team gathered for a group photo. It was a wonderful moment to capture and we look back on a successful reunion.