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The corona crisis has greatly affected the world and HMVT is no exception. Although we work from home as much as possible, our projects outside also continue if the current situation allows it. It is simply not possible to just stop a remediation without consequences. Luckily, we can continue most of our projects in the Netherlands. However, it is difficult to physically be present at our project sites in foreign countries that are marked as code orange or red. For example, we had planned on building and starting up a sizeable, complex remediation installation for a multinational in the South of France in the beginning of April. But corona threw a spanner in the works: the project was postponed until the summer and we were just able to deliver everything to the location by truck when code orange went into effect again.

Remediation remotely

Although we were able to get the equipment to the location on time, we did not yet manage to complete the connection of all the pipes and electrical systems, testing, test runs, and start-up. After so many months of waiting, the customer really wanted to start the remediation. To make this possible, we are slowly partly handing over the construction of the remediation systems to local technicians. To accomplish this, we have first trained local technicians and went through the construction process with them in detail remotely while we remain in the Netherlands. Our ‘remote’ contractor is now leading, monitoring, and controlling the construction process while in the Netherlands. So, we have basically set up a digital control room.

Head Mounted Tablet

During construction, online meetings are organized daily to monitor the process and technicians are equipped on site with a “Head Mounted Tablet”. Via the Head Mounted Tablet, our remote operator can see what the technician sees on site, communicate with the technician, and share information via the tablet. This way, the entire construction process is completed with a team that is collaborating internationally. This innovative construction process started at the end of October. We hope to have the remediation installation up and running by the end of November.


By being able to finish this specific project in this resourceful way, we not only please the customer, but we are also taking the next step in the process of digitizing our service package. We can even use the knowledge and experience we have gained from this to assist our technicians at project locations when the restrictions are lifted, whether the project site is nearby or somewhere else in the world!

More information

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