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As HMVT, we want to be a frontrunner and co-innovator for soil and groundwater decontamination. And this year was very busy for us as we organized one session and gave two presentations at Symposium Bodem Breed and two presentations at Aqua Consoil. The Bodem Breed presentations can be viewed again on YouTube by participants. In the coming months, we are aiming to share our presentations with you via our news channel.

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In this regard, we already have one presentation from Wouter Neutel about the successful purification of the soil ‘decontaminated’ by Japanese knotweed. After a successful test run in Rotterdam, we are currently conducting an on-site decontamination project in Amsterdam. Also there our method seems to be able to remove the knotweed sustainably. Something really unique in this market! [click here] for the presentation.


We are not at Symposium Bodem Breed and Aqua Consoil. On 24 November, we will present at the congress ‘Groundwater, from blue gold to code red’ in Utrecht. Our argument will be that it is sometimes better to clean up sources than just risk-based monitoring/management.