Effective water purification PFAS- water

Perfluoroalkyl compounds, also called PFAS, are a group of chemical components that gains more awareness concerning environmental impact. The PFAS components are very persistent, very toxic and create often very severe soil and groundwater pollutions. These components are also very common in fire-fighting equipment, piping as well as waste waters.

The treatment of PFAS impacted water is still a major challenge. At full-scale only few proven technologies are available. The classical use of granular activated carbon (GAC) is often very costly due to the very low adsorbing percentages for PFAS molecules. In co-operation with our partner Cornelsen (Germany) HMVT offers in both the Netherlands as well as Belgium an unique water treatment solution: the PerfluorAd technology.

The PerfluorAd technology is over the past years developed by Cornelsen and is now a proven water treatment technology for PFAS polluted waters. Summarized the PerfluorAd is a flocculant that can floc the PFAS molecules. The next step is to filter these flocs from the water. By doing so, the majority of the PFAS pollution can be removed from the water and significant cost savings for the use of GAC are achieved.


For more information on the PerfluorAd technology, please check the following presentation.

Besides the PerfluorAd technology and the use of GAC, HMVT can also apply ion-exchange resins to remove PFAS from water. Recent tests conducted by HMVT show that resins can financially be a very interesting alternative.

We have learned that the right PFAS treatment approach is often a custom-made solution. If you would like us to review your situation or you would like to learn more about the treatment of PFAS impacted waste, process or groundwater, please contact either Martijn Baars or Paul Verhaagen via tel. (+31) 624 624 or info@hmvt.nl.