HMVTRS starts her first in-situ thermal remediation project in Europe

5 March 2015

HMVTRS, a joint venture between HMVT (Netherlands) and TRS (USA), has started early March her first in-situ thermal remediation project in Europe. The project is situated in Anderlecht, near Brussels, Europe. The remediation site is a former industrial area which will be redeveloped for housing.

The site is heavily polluted with a mixture of volatile, (chlorinated) hydrocarbons. The treated source zone contains approx. 50.000 kgs of pollution mass in a soil volume of approx. 11.000m³. The maximum treatment depth is 18m below surface. With the thermal remediation we will heat the groundwater up to ca. 100°C as a result of which the volatile hydrocarbons will evaporate towards the surface. These vapors will be captured and treated with a vapor treatment facility.

Thermal in-situ soil remediation is a very robust and fast process. Removal rates over 99% can be achieved. For the project in Anderlecht we have given a guaranteed fixed price to remove the chlorinated pure phase (dnapl). The project will operate for a period of about half a year.

During the remediation the subsurface will be heated via a network of electrodes. These electrodes are a combination of steel pipes and sheet piles driven into the ground. These electrodes are connected via a Power Control Unit to an electricity connection of 11kV.

The treatment of 50.000 kg of vapors is the most complex part of the project. These vapors occur in a very short time frame. To treat these vapors below the target levels we have installed a series of vapor treatment units which are quite unique as well: vapor condensation at -20 °C, aliphatic scrubbing and catalytic oxidation.

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Jack van Rossum
Marco van den Brand

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